How to Choose Your First Luxury Car?

A car is an emotional buying decision for a majority of people. And this is even more pronounced when you’re considering a luxury car. But depending on what you want, it can be a practical choice too.

A key point with luxury vehicles is the price. You can find a good deal on cars that are preowned or imported. And here is where you should be looking at quality car showrooms.

Finding the right luxury car specialist can be hard for you, especially if you’re a first-time shopper. A bit of research and planning can go a long way to help you.

Allied Motors is a prominent car showroom in Dubai trading in several premium luxury brands. They have come up with a few things that can help you narrow down your choice for your luxury car needs. Without further ado, here they are.

What Are You Looking For?

Before you get in touch with your local showroom in Dubai, it helps to know what you exactly want. There are many considerations before you buy a luxury automobile.

The number of passengers you intend to carry is an important aspect. It can help you select between a coupe, sedan, or an SUV. The distance of your commute is another.

If you travel far to work, it makes sense to opt for something a bit frugal with gasoline. Finally, it also depends on if you plan to use it on the highway, city streets or off-road.


The Attention Factor

Something that a lot of people don’t consider when buying a luxury car is the attention that comes with it. An Aston Martin or a Lamborghini can attract a lot of eyes. 

You might even find them wanting to click pictures when you’re parked. Or slow down next to you while driving on the road to compliment your car. These are nothing to worry about, of course, but it is something that warrants a mention. A lot of people can sometimes feel overwhelmed by all this attention.

Opt For Reputed Showrooms

When it comes to buying preowned or new luxury cars, always choose the best vendors to buy from and who provide easy to trade in option in the future.With an exemplary track record, Allied Motors can offer you an excellent choice of luxury car from multiple brands giving the best buying experience. We are a trusted name in the luxurycar trading business.

Paying Cash Vs. Financing

While financing for a car purchase is much more common, you can also opt to buy it with cash. There are pros and cons to both options. If you pay with cash, you can completely avoid interest payments every month. It gives you peace of mind with your car purchase. 

You can also opt for cash. But financing is more flexible when it comes to saving money. You don’t lose a chunk of your money then and there. At Allied Motors we can assist customer with bank facility & insurance from recognized financial institutions.

Know Your Depreciation Value

All cars, regardless of their brand or make, depreciate. Choose the right luxury car for you by doing a bit of research on which brands depreciate fast. It can help you plan when you want to sell it and move on to a better car.

Again, professional car experts can help you figure this out. Talk to our experts at Allied Motors to understand how to make the right choice when buying and selling luxury cars.

Test Drive

For assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a car, nothing can beat a test drive. Most showrooms are quite flexible with test drives. It is customary to inform them in advance of the car make and model you’re interested in. If you tell them in advance it will help them make it available for you.

The things you should be looking at during a test drive are squeaks and rattles in the car. Also, opt for a normal stretch of road with bumps, turns, and traffic. Don’t forget to test the brakes as well in a safe location. You can ask them any questions you may have about the car.

Inspect Maintenance Records

A car’s service records can tell you several things about it. Like if it has been in an accident or if it has been maintained regularly. And this becomes even more important with an expensive car.

Mostluxury car showrooms in Dubai have up-to-date records of their cars’ history. And they have no problems sharing it with their customers.

You can also ask them about maintenance schedules here if you have doubts. Also, ask them to see the owner’s manual so you can check the maintenance schedules.

Is It Easy To Find Parts?

Luxury cars have specialized parts that can be hard to find. And getting your luxury car parts fixed at dealership are going to be prohibitively expensive.

Allied Motors have access to source from vendors selling wide range of luxury spare parts for variety of brands and also tie up with recognized service centre for getting the job done at a fraction of a cost.

Read Online Reviews

When it comes to luxurycars, reviews offer critical insights into how they operate. It can help you find out how genuine they are with their customers.

You can also find out how they deal with after-sales support. Buying a luxury car is a long-term commitment. And you want to make sure that you’re buying from the right people.

Get in touch with us to see both new and pre-owned luxury cars for sale in Dubai. Allied Motors experts has been in this business for several yearswith strong track record.

Talk to us and get a great deal on the car you’ve always dreamed of!