Used Cars Buying Checklist

1. Write Down Your Expectations From Second-Hand Cars

If you are planning to buy a used car, you will need to know at least the basic information. The first step is to list out your expectations.

These are just a few questions for which you need to have clear answers. Then start your research on the internet. There are few quality used car showroom in Dubai to buy genuine pre-owned cars & Allied Motors pre-owned car showroom focusing on multiple brands is one of them.

2. Fix Your Budget for Used Cars

You should first decide your budget to see what kind of cars can be purchased within the set limit. Are you going to use your own money, or will you opt for financing options to support you? Not all cars can be financed, so that’s another point you have to consider.

Showrooms usually offer financing options to help clients. They also offer searches based on your budget specifications. They will guide you in shortlisting used cars that meet your requirements. 

3. Buy Genuine Used Cars from Quality Pre-owned Car Showroom

You might think that it is easier to interact with the private seller directly. But you are increasing the risk of being cheated by them. If you want to make sure that the entire transaction is genuine and goes without a glitch, it is recommended to contact a Quality pre-owned car showroom, such as Allied Motors. They sell all types of used vehicles sourced locally and globally from its base in Dubai, UAE.

Here is a simple four-step process to choose the best car for you.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

At Allied Motors all our vehicles are 99pt checked and restored back to showroom condition with minimum 1 year warranty included.

Once the vehicle is sold all transfer and registration process in done without any hassle.

Also, we facilitate bank financing, insurance with major institution and can arrange extended warranty at a nominal rate.

4. Check the Age of the Used Car

It is no secret that older cars are cheaper unless we are talking about classic vintage models. But if you are looking for a pre-ownedcar for daily use, you will need something dependable and not too old.

It’s advisable to invest on quality pre-owned cars that has low mileage, less than 3-5 years old, no major accident history and most importantly purchased from quality used car showroom like Allied Motors.

5. Don’t Forget to Check the Fluids

Every car has a few fluids (oils) that keep it running nice and smooth. With continuous usage, accidents, or defects, the engine, and the oil tanks can start to leak. 

When you are buying a second-hand car in Dubai, make it a point to thoroughly inspect the engine and see if you can spot any dark stains. Also, check the colour of the oils in the tanks. They have to be clear (yellowish or light brown) and not too thick. If there are signs of rust in and around the engine, it shows that the radiator has issues. 

6. Go for a Test Drive With the Shortlisted Pre-Owned Car

A test drive is necessary when you are buying a second-hand car. While test driving every single car you see is not required, you do need to test the ones you have shortlisted and favouring. If you haven’t driven on the Dubai roads before, get a feel of it before you invest in the car.

The brake, clutch hold, gears, and steering control are important. Listen for any odd sounds when you increase or decrease the speed. And don’t forget to check how it runs on the Dubai highways.

7. Check the Service History of the Used Cars

Most used cars in Dubai will have limited service history information. However, some premium brands are usually maintained at the dealer to maintain its high resale value. Most important thing is to ensure the car has all its all major parts and wear and tear items in good working conditions; such as, Engine, Gearbox, Steering Wheel, Axle, brake pads, tyres, batteries, engine oil & fluids etc.

At Allied Motors all our used cars retailed are serviced, with major parts inspected and wear & tear items in working conditions.

8. Check How They will Transfer the Pre-Owned Cars to Your Name

Both you and the seller have to be present to transfer the used car to your name. The best way to get it done is to visit the nearest RTA office in the region. First, check the official website to know the process, the timings, and the payment.

Quality used car showroom like Allied Motors in Dubai will seamlessly handle all transfer procedures on your behalf. All you need to do is be present. But you should be aware of the process. Insurance is another factor you should not ignore. The transfer will take less than a day to be processed if all conditions are cleared. 

9. Closely Inspect the Exteriors and Interiors of the Second-Hand Car

Taking a look at the engine is not going to be enough. Look for paint scrapes, dents, and patchwork on the body of the car. Then take a look at the insides. How is the upholstery? Does it appear faded and thin? What are other components (speakers) fitted to the car? Are these in working condition?

A pre-owned car in Dubai sure would have had its share of kilometres and adventures. Will it be able to handle more? What if you are not sure even after a close inspection?

At Allied Motors all our quality used cars exterior & interior are restored to showroom condition. For any additional work as per customer requirement can be carried out for a nominal fee.

10. Get the Second-Hand Car Inspected by an Expert

Once you are satisfied with your primary inspection of the second-hand car, it’s time to have the car inspected at an authorized centre who will know things you don’t and can detect signs you missed.

You will have to pay for this service, but the price is worth it. You won’t end up buying a second-hand car that is not in good condition. That said, getting to inspect every used car you see will be a waste of time and money. A vehicle purchased from Allied Motors doesn’t require an external influence as all our cars are fully inspected and accident-free genuine cars. 

11. Check and Compare the Prices of Pre-Owned Certified Cars

The price plays a crucial factor in decision-making. After all, you have a budget to stick to. It is important to know how much pre-owned cars that have the same features and falls in the same mileage range are costing.

Cars in better condition will surely cost more, but you need to confirm that the used car is indeed worthy of that price. At Allied Motors we offer “True Value”, whereby all our cars sold are quality pre-owned cars having minimum 1 year warranty giving utmost peace of mind.

12. Check the Warranty or the Service Contract

Check if the second-hand car is still eligible for the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty will be void if the vehicle has been serviced or repaired by unauthorized centres.

Also, find out if the car owner has signed a contract with any of the service centres in Dubai. The remaining period will automatically apply to you when you buy the car from the previous owner. You will need to take the related documents from them and inform the service centre about the change in ownership. 

At Allied Motors pre-owned cars sold that are still having dealer warranty & service contract are easily transferred to the new owner without any hassle and the ones without warranty comes with a minimum 1 year warranty offered by Motor Prime. For service plan special contract can be arranged from our partner service centre at a nominal fee.

13. Prepare the Required Papers to Buy and Drive a Pre-Owned Car

If you are a newcomer in Dubai, you will need to find a means of transportation. Buying a used car is usually the most preferred choice, as it is easy and simple. However, you will need to submit certain documents as proof when buying the car. You will need UAE issued Driving License a copy of your passport and local ID.

You need to register the car with the RTA of Dubai every year. The seller will have to bring the papers of the previous registration. You will also have to apply/ renew your driving license and also take insurance before registering the car. 

14. Make Sure You Are Aware of the Driving Rules in Dubai

Each country has different driving rules. In Dubai, you drive on the right side of the road (similar to the USA and Canada). The hazard lights are used to indicate that you will be slowing down, and the blinkers are compulsory when changing lanes.

Hand gestures can be considered an offence in Dubai. If you are a newcomer, you will have to first acquaint yourself with the local driving rules and regulations in Dubai before you buy a second-hand car and start using it. 

15. The 99pt Checks Report is a Must

We have already mentioned the importance of getting the car inspected by a mechanic. What if you don’t know anyone? At Allied Motors we perform a 99pt detailed check from an authorized service centre at our own cost to bring the car back to optimal driving condition and generate a detailed report.

It is vital that you double-check every single aspect before buying a pre-owned car in Dubai. The time and effort you spend before making the decision will provide you with good benefits once you start using the second-hand car.

Are you looking to buy quality used cars in Dubai? Then, you are in the right place. Drop your details here to get a call back from our sales agent.